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Oil painting progress

As you probably know, the majority of my art making time right now is devoted to oil painting- mostly for my art class. So naturally since I’m spending so much time on them it only makes sense to show you my progress in that area.

But lest you get tired of all the oil paintings, I’ll be showing something in another medium tomorrow even though I usually don’t post Saturdays. But I’ll do it. . . for you. You’re welcome.

But back to the point.

Since you last saw him, I’ve put the first layer of color over my cheetah and around his spots to give the illusion of fur.

Cheetah PR 2

I’m not done with him yet though.

The warm in his fur needs to be a bit more saturated in places and the contrast between the lights and darks needs to be heightened. The most important thing is the face though. I’m pretty happy with the impression of fur I managed to convey and the values aren’t bad, but the face kinda throws the whole thing off for me at the moment.

While I’m working on that, (and the bluejays, still) I’m also working on this oil painting of a still life I set up myself.

Still life PR 1

Most of the time, because of the limited space I have in my room for art- and also because of, well, laziness to be honest- I don’t set up my own still lifes to paint, I use royalty free photos that someone else took as references.

But in an ideal world where I have an actual art studio, enough motivation to set up my own still life, and plenty of interesting objects to paint, I would always do that over using other people’s creativity and effort as a reference. There isn’t anything wrong with using other people’s photos, but it’s a lot more fun to use something you designed yourself and it just feels more original. At least, that’s how I feel about it.

So when my teacher told us that we’d be painting from our own still life, I was very happy to have an excuse to do it. And so now I have this little box sitting on my floor filled with objects I’m painting. Another thing I don’t do much- paint/draw from life. I really need to do that more. . .

Still life set up.png

There’s the box, if you were wondering about the set up.

I cut a hole in the top right to shine a light in at the objects and put orange and blue construction paper on either side to create warm and cool tints on the objects for more interest.

Like my cheetah, I still have quite a bit of work cut out for me with this still life. Right now the roses are the least developed so I’ll be focusing on them mostly, but there’s also a lot of other littler details that need to be sorted out, again mostly with the contrast.

That’s it for the oil paintings for now. Next up, an oil painting of my face. Scary. . .



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