Thoughts & notes

Why the silence? you ask

About that. . . don’t worry. I have an explanation. In fact, I have several.

But before I explain my reasons for disappearing off the face of the blogosphere, I have to tell you some bad news. My silence, though broken for now by this post, will not end quite yet since I’m going camping for the next 10 or so days without internet connection or access to art materials except a couple of pencils.

Even worse, I don’t know if I’ll be back immediately after my vacation, which brings me to the first reason for the silence. I lost the cord to my camera. Translation: I can’t import images from my camera to the computer. Translation of the translation: I can’t show you my artwork, which kinda defeats the whole purpose of posting on an art blog.

The second reason is because I’ve been working a lot more and by the time I come home I am too tired to feel any inclination to post. (And of course, I couldn’t even if I wanted to)

The third, and the most exciting reason (not that it’s a feat considering how boring the other reasons are) is that I’m in the process of designing and creating content for a website that’s going to be populated with drawing tutorials and advice. I’m hoping to get it published by the end of July.

More on that later.


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