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Several months later. . .

You thought I was going to leave forever. Well ha, I’m back.

Sorry it took so long to write again.

Short story shorter, I’ve been busy. And not so much with art, which makes it rather hard to find things to post about. But I’m finally back into the swing of things (hopefully) and I’ll start posting art here once a week again.

Starting with this dog I’ve been working on.


Dog PR 1
Graphite with a few pops of color


Thoughts & notes

Why the silence? you ask

About that. . . don’t worry. I have an explanation. In fact, I have several.

But before I explain my reasons for disappearing off the face of the blogosphere, I have to tell you some bad news. My silence, though broken for now by this post, will not end quite yet since I’m going camping for the next 10 or so days without internet connection or access to art materials except a couple of pencils.

Even worse, I don’t know if I’ll be back immediately after my vacation, which brings me to the first reason for the silence. I lost the cord to my camera. Translation: I can’t import images from my camera to the computer. Translation of the translation: I can’t show you my artwork, which kinda defeats the whole purpose of posting on an art blog.

The second reason is because I’ve been working a lot more and by the time I come home I am too tired to feel any inclination to post. (And of course, I couldn’t even if I wanted to)

The third, and the most exciting reason (not that it’s a feat considering how boring the other reasons are) is that I’m in the process of designing and creating content for a website that’s going to be populated with drawing tutorials and advice. I’m hoping to get it published by the end of July.

More on that later.

52 Drawings in 52 Weeks

Drawing of the week- week 20

Here you go, drawing of the week number 20. Well, not technically a drawinggg, but it counts.

DEW 20 piggy bank.png

If you remember the last time you saw this painting, you’ll know that it was a lot less. . . well, done.

I knew that of course, but when I put these two progress shots together I was a little surprised.  I didn’t realize how much I really did, especially on the pig. It’s satisfying to look at how much progress I made, considering how much time it took. It’s easy to lose track of the progress when you’re staring at the same thing for hours as it builds up ever so slowly.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I think I could have improved on the composition and I think there might be a few issues with the saturation and/or values. Part of the problem was just with the set up of the still life and how much I stuck with reality.

The beauty of art- or one of the beauties I should say- is that you don’t have to follow your reference to the T. (tea?) You can change it if you want, you can even improve on it. The unfortunate thing is that a lot of the time I forget about that and I get too caught up in replicating the details in the reference.

I suppose I coulddd fix the value/saturation problems in this painting, but there’s a time to quit and that time is now.  Next time, I’ll make sure to pay more attention to these things.

PS. I’m finally done school. Foreverr (sort of) So now I can commence with my regular posting schedule. Yayy

52 Drawings in 52 Weeks

Drawing of the week- week 19

Here is drawing of the week 19… finally. Sorry for the delay.

If you’re wondering why I have been posting irregularly the past week or so, it’s because final exams are coming up and I’m really busy studying for them and finishing up my school in general.

I’ll still try to post twice a week, whichever days I manage to, but I can’t promise anything until exams are over.

DEW 19 carnation.png

This carnation was just a quick rendering in colored pencils. I wasn’t overly concerned with getting all the colors and the values exactly right, I just wanted to get something done quickly. Because of that, my highlights aren’t really the best… there’s just not enough contrast. But for my purposes, that’s not really an issue since it was for drawing not value practice.

Unlike most of my art, this wasn’t drawn using someone else’s royalty free photo, it was from a picture I took myself of some flowers I have at home, one of the bonuses of working at a flower shop. A very handy bonus when you’re an artist let me tell you.

A very handy bonus when you’re an artist let me tell you.


52 Drawings in 52 Weeks

Drawing of the week- 18

For the 18th week of my year of weekly drawings, I did this little bluejay in oil paint.

DEW 18 bluejay

I’m surprisingly happy with how it turned out. I didn’t get the amount of detail or color accuracy I would have liked, but even without that, it creates the impression of a bluejay much better than I would have expected.

Thanks inner perfectionist, for making this painting take wayyy longer than it should have. I was starting to wonder if I would ever get around to finishing it.

But as you can see, I made it. This calls for a celebration.


Personal Monthly Challenges

Personal monthly art challenge

I bet you thought I had given up on my monthly art challenges together didn’t you?

Well I’m here to tell you that is not the case. I have managed to complete my personal monthly art challenge for the month of April- a still life in water-soluble pencils (and a touch of watercolor)

Here it with just the water-soluble pencil:

April PMAC PR 1

And here it is after I added the watercolor:


Art projects · Progress updates

Oil painting progress

As you probably know, the majority of my art making time right now is devoted to oil painting- mostly for my art class. So naturally since I’m spending so much time on them it only makes sense to show you my progress in that area.

But lest you get tired of all the oil paintings, I’ll be showing something in another medium tomorrow even though I usually don’t post Saturdays. But I’ll do it. . . for you. You’re welcome.

But back to the point.

Since you last saw him, I’ve put the first layer of color over my cheetah and around his spots to give the illusion of fur.

Cheetah PR 2

I’m not done with him yet though.

The warm in his fur needs to be a bit more saturated in places and the contrast between the lights and darks needs to be heightened. The most important thing is the face though. I’m pretty happy with the impression of fur I managed to convey and the values aren’t bad, but the face kinda throws the whole thing off for me at the moment.

While I’m working on that, (and the bluejays, still) I’m also working on this oil painting of a still life I set up myself.

Still life PR 1

Most of the time, because of the limited space I have in my room for art- and also because of, well, laziness to be honest- I don’t set up my own still lifes to paint, I use royalty free photos that someone else took as references.

But in an ideal world where I have an actual art studio, enough motivation to set up my own still life, and plenty of interesting objects to paint, I would always do that over using other people’s creativity and effort as a reference. There isn’t anything wrong with using other people’s photos, but it’s a lot more fun to use something you designed yourself and it just feels more original. At least, that’s how I feel about it.

So when my teacher told us that we’d be painting from our own still life, I was very happy to have an excuse to do it. And so now I have this little box sitting on my floor filled with objects I’m painting. Another thing I don’t do much- paint/draw from life. I really need to do that more. . .

Still life set up.png

There’s the box, if you were wondering about the set up.

I cut a hole in the top right to shine a light in at the objects and put orange and blue construction paper on either side to create warm and cool tints on the objects for more interest.

Like my cheetah, I still have quite a bit of work cut out for me with this still life. Right now the roses are the least developed so I’ll be focusing on them mostly, but there’s also a lot of other littler details that need to be sorted out, again mostly with the contrast.

That’s it for the oil paintings for now. Next up, an oil painting of my face. Scary. . .