52 Drawings in 52 Weeks

Drawing of the week- week 20

Here you go, drawing of the week number 20. Well, not technically a drawinggg, but it counts.

DEW 20 piggy bank.png

If you remember the last time you saw this painting, you’ll know that it was a lot less. . . well, done.

I knew that of course, but when I put these two progress shots together I was a little surprised.  I didn’t realize how much I really did, especially on the pig. It’s satisfying to look at how much progress I made, considering how much time it took. It’s easy to lose track of the progress when you’re staring at the same thing for hours as it builds up ever so slowly.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I think I could have improved on the composition and I think there might be a few issues with the saturation and/or values. Part of the problem was just with the set up of the still life and how much I stuck with reality.

The beauty of art- or one of the beauties I should say- is that you don’t have to follow your reference to the T. (tea?) You can change it if you want, you can even improve on it. The unfortunate thing is that a lot of the time I forget about that and I get too caught up in replicating the details in the reference.

I suppose I coulddd fix the value/saturation problems in this painting, but there’s a time to quit and that time is now.  Next time, I’ll make sure to pay more attention to these things.

PS. I’m finally done school. Foreverr (sort of) So now I can commence with my regular posting schedule. Yayy

52 Drawings in 52 Weeks

Drawing of the week- week 19

Here is drawing of the week 19… finally. Sorry for the delay.

If you’re wondering why I have been posting irregularly the past week or so, it’s because final exams are coming up and I’m really busy studying for them and finishing up my school in general.

I’ll still try to post twice a week, whichever days I manage to, but I can’t promise anything until exams are over.

DEW 19 carnation.png

This carnation was just a quick rendering in colored pencils. I wasn’t overly concerned with getting all the colors and the values exactly right, I just wanted to get something done quickly. Because of that, my highlights aren’t really the best… there’s just not enough contrast. But for my purposes, that’s not really an issue since it was for drawing not value practice.

Unlike most of my art, this wasn’t drawn using someone else’s royalty free photo, it was from a picture I took myself of some flowers I have at home, one of the bonuses of working at a flower shop. A very handy bonus when you’re an artist let me tell you.

A very handy bonus when you’re an artist let me tell you.


52 Drawings in 52 Weeks

Drawing of the week- 18

For the 18th week of my year of weekly drawings, I did this little bluejay in oil paint.

DEW 18 bluejay

I’m surprisingly happy with how it turned out. I didn’t get the amount of detail or color accuracy I would have liked, but even without that, it creates the impression of a bluejay much better than I would have expected.

Thanks inner perfectionist, for making this painting take wayyy longer than it should have. I was starting to wonder if I would ever get around to finishing it.

But as you can see, I made it. This calls for a celebration.


52 Drawings in 52 Weeks

Drawing of the day: week 17

I was originally planning on doing something else for this week’s drawing, but it took longer than I expected so I ended up doing something a lot more simple but also a lot newer (for me).

DEW 17 impasto flower.png

My first impasto painting.

Impasto flower side


52 Drawings in 52 Weeks

Drawing of the week- week 16

It’s late, but here’s week 16’s drawing.  I was so busy Monday I didn’t have time to post it before now.

DEW 16 daises.png

I did it in gouache and pen.

52 Drawings in 52 Weeks

Drawing of the week- week 15

You may recognize week 15’s drawing from a post I did way back in February showing the sketches of several people and a dog in motion. I stand before you today to tell you that I have finished them- well, 2/7ths of them anyway. The drawing of the week being the dog.

I took foreverr to complete this painting. Not exactly because I forgot about it but because I was so reluctant to start the painting process that I ended up putting it to the side until I forgot about it.

I just didn’t know where to start or how to go about it. I didn’t know how to make the dog look like he was in motion and I didn’t know how to do the water around him.

Motion Study dog

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out though. The water isn’t the best, but I am surprised at how well I managed to do the dog, especially considering he’s white. White is always the hardest.

But at the time it seemed too challenging- and not in the fun way. So I put it off. I told myself I would finish the montage of the baseball, football, and soccer players first and then come back to it.

Maybe that would have worked out if I had gotten through the montage piece, but I had to start it all over again because of bad placement- there ended up not being enough room for the football player- and that frustrated me to the point of putting it down too. After all that time getting things down just right for the other players I wasn’t in a mood to do it all over again.

Hopefully I work up the will to work on that piece again in the near future but while you wait for that to happen I might as well show you my third motion piece- a soccer player all by his lonesome.

Motion Study soccer player.png

For this guy I decided to make things a little interesting and more dynamic by painting these weird blur lines in. I think I’ll do something similar for the montage.

Do these two pieces look like they’re in motion?
I think the soccer player does, but I’m not so sure about the dog. . .

52 Drawings in 52 Weeks

Drawing of the week- week 14


DEW 14 rose.png
If you’re wondering why I only used orange in this drawing, there really isn’t a reason


As you can tell, I didn’t spend very much time on this week’s drawing- a rose in colored pencil. I was so busy this week I didn’t have much time to and when I had time I forgot about it. Typical me.

A little update on my art plans for break- I am planning to post some artwork everyday until Friday, when I’ll go back to my regular schedule- at least until I get back from a short vacation, maybe I’ll continue doing it after that. Who knows.