Personal Monthly Challenges

Personal monthly art challenge

I bet you thought I had given up on my monthly art challenges together didn’t you?

Well I’m here to tell you that is not the case. I have managed to complete my personal monthly art challenge for the month of April- a still life in water-soluble pencils (and a touch of watercolor)

Here it with just the water-soluble pencil:

April PMAC PR 1

And here it is after I added the watercolor:


Personal Monthly Challenges

February’s Personal Monthly Challenge

This month’s challenge was to paint an animal in a loose style using watercolor and I think I’m finally done.

Such a long time to complete such a simple project. . .

Feb PMAC final.png

‘Simple’, and yet watercolor scares me. This turned out far better than I expected- considering my more recent attempts with watercolor- and it was fairly straightforward, but there’s jut something about watercolors unpredictability and seemingly unforgiving nature that is just downright terrifying. Or maybe it’s just me.

It doesn’t help that my watercolor is the cheapest of the cheap and thus extremely low quality. Tip: don’t buy Reeves paints unless you want to struggle a lot with it, if you want to really experience a medium, buy a decent brand. Such are the lessons I have been learning.

And now I’m dying for a better brand. Like I’m dying for a thousand other art supplies. . .


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Watercolor, gouache, and all things wet

Look what I got!


I got the watercolor paper Wednesday night and ever since then I have been very busy using it.


The first project I used it for was not this deer. It was a project for art class, which I’ll be showing you later. Right now, it’s just a flat wash with some brown lines over top waiting to be painted.

The second project was the deer though- and also my challenge for this month- an animal in watercolor.


Third project was this. A gouache and colored pencil- yes, another one- for another art challenge I’m taking part in.

Yes, another one.

This one- unlike the others- is always in one medium (or at least 50% in that medium)- and that medium is colored pencil.

And if that wasn’t good enough, there’s a prize for the randomized winner of each month.

This month’s theme is underwater.

Speaking of challenges. . . Lisa just revealed the theme of her group challenge. Which I have also started. But you’ll have to see it later because I have to go to work.

Personal Monthly Challenges

January challenges

I succeeded. I finished both of my art challenges on time. Just barely.

I finished the one for the Lachri group challenge- a painting in oils in case you don’t remember- on the 30th.

Jan LAC final 2.png

Then I finished my personal challenge on the 31st. And it was a challenge alright.

I had problems with values, especially over-emphasising darks until they swamped the lights, which made me frustrated with it, which made me rush, which pretty much never turns out good.

Jan PMAC final.png

And so I ended up with this.

The right side of the face is good but the rest is iffy and my poor nose looks like it got broken.

But overall, this wasn’t a bad experience. I obviously need to work on patience and precision- especially when it comes to ink- but doing this shows me what I need to work on and forced me to practice on something that I would have been scared to do otherwise. (Though I still was scared to do it)

Which brings me to my next project- not a January challenge by the way, or any challenge for that matter- another ink (and gouache) drawing of myself.

It’s actually an assignment for my art class, but it’s exactly what I need. Perfect timing too.

Me sitting PR#2.png




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Let the inking begin!

Okay, I’ll admit it, I have been procrastinating on my monthly challenge. Six more days of January left and little to no progress made.

The thing was, I’m dreading using my dip pens on it, especially since my subject is a human being- aka me. There is so many ways it could go wrong and was going wrong. Everything was coming out darker than it should have and the nibs just hated the paper I was using.

At one point, I tried using one of my family’s ink pens but it turns out every single one of them is dead.

So I just ended up tiptoeing around my project.

Until yesterday.

Well, technically it all started the day before yesterday- yesterday’s yesterday- when my art teacher informed me that we would need ink pens and ink brushes- exactly what I needed, and the perfect excuse to get them.

And so here they are. Two micron pens. . .


And a fancy sable inking brush. . .


Which I will be using to ink this gouache painting for art class that, as you can tell, is no where near being finished.

Gouache still life PR #1.png

But more importantly, I can start working on my self-portrait without dread- or at least not as much. Ink is still a scary thing for me you know.

Jan PMAC PR #2.png

And as you can see I already have started making progress. Slow progress, because stippling takes foreverr, but progress nonetheless.


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Sneak peeks and shtuff

First, before I get to the exciting part, I need to let you know that I’m not going to be posting every day anymore- not for a while anyway. Instead, I’ll be posting- or trying to post- Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday mornings and maybe throwing in an extra post here or there. Mondays will be when I post my artwork for the previous week and every other day will be more or less whatever I feel like doing.

Now, onto the actual post.

In the past few days, I’ve been working on so many things, new and old, but for the sake of time- and by time I mean post length- I am only going to show you some of new stuff.

Three of them to be exact.

Beginning of Jan LAC.png

First is this. The newest of the new. So new that I only just started an hour ago. As you may have guessed by the presence of the liquin, it’s an oil painting. It’s purpose? This month’s Lachri Facebook group challenge. Yes, I’m leaving you in suspense as to what it is. (Insert evil laughter here)


The second is (going) to be a montage of a girl and wolves- if you can even tell by the barely visible lines. Pretty much the only thing I can see is the girl’s right eye and eyebrow because I drew them so dark, but then again I need glasses so I don’t know how reliable I am.

I’m not 100% sure, but I think I’ll be doing this piece in guess what. Yep, colored pencils.

Jan PMAC PR #1.png

And for the last drawing of today, another person, this one for my personal challenge. That person is me. Yes, contrary to popular opinion, I am a real live human being.

I’m kinda nervous about this project- I’m going to be using pen and ink for this which is very unforgiving sometimes. As if people aren’t hard enough as it is. . . I might end up

I might end up switching from my regular dip pen to something that’s a little easier to control. And then there’s the question of stippling. I think I might try that for the face. We’ll see if I have the patience for that.

That’s all for today

See you next time,



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Personal art challenge mechanics

Hello again!

I’m sorry for the lack of posts for the last few days- I’ve been busy recovering from a cold, tiredness, and trying to catch up with schoolwork all at the same time, which is a bad mix.

I’ve also been trying to decide what my post schedule should look like now that I won’t necessarily have things to post on every day.

But until that’s decided, I’m going to (try) and post something every day.


Now that that’s said, I know I promised you a while ago that I was going to explain how my personal art challenges work. So without further adieu, here it is.

The way my challenge works is fairly simple- my explanation on the other hand, might not be. I apologise in advance.

I made four lists- the first with the twelve months, the second with twelve mediums I own, then twelve  I wanted to focus on in the piece, and lastly, twelve subjects.

To randomise what subject, medium, and focus would go together, I used a random number generator to generate numbers from 1-12 and go through each list, placing the subject, medium, or focus I was generating for to the corresponding month number and eliminating numbers already chosen. Then refreshing all the numbers as I moved on to the next list.

For simplicity’s sake let’s say I was only doing this challenge for three months.

It would look something like this:


Sometimes the medium and the focus really didn’t match like oil pastels and realism. Maybe you can do that, but I knew with the oil pastels I have and my abilities would make it impossible and just plain frustrating. If that happened I would randomise another number and put it there instead of the previous focus. And hopefully that would work better.


Speaking of oil pastel, this is last month’s challenge, oil pastels for the medium, landscape for the subject, and impressionism for the focus.


My first challenge was this wave. It was painted with gouache, the subject was an element- I was running out of subject ideas, I even had to double them up- and the focus was making the piece flow together. I’m not sure if I succeeded in that, but I can just pretend it means water flow if it doesn’t.

January’s piece is going to be a, wait for it. . . person. In pen and ink. It’ll be interesting that’s for sure. I’m not sure who I’ll be drawing yet. Maybe one of my sisters.

And if you’re wondering what the focus is, I ran out of ideas so I just put down wild. Yay freedom!

Until next time,


P.S. Please feel free to adapt this challenge for yourself. And if you do, please share with me what you’re doing. I would love to know