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Too many projects. . . (and an announcement!)

It’s been yet another crazy busy week. A bit of traveling, a lot of art, a visitor, a lot of running around, anddd now I’m sick. Yay!

And the week isn’t even over yet. . .

The good news is that I’m done with my traveling so I can focus more on my artistic endeavors and that means less cramming for me.

It mayyy also mean that I get to start doing videos again but perhaps that’s a bit of an unrealistic goal because the busyness isn’t quite over yet, unfortunately.

But regardless of how busy I’ve been with other things, I’ve been the most busy when it comes to my art. During the past three weeks I’ve finished these paintings and sketches:

Started and/or worked on these ones (not including my next weekly drawing):

And I’ve been gone for 8 of those 19 days. Not a ton but that’s a lot when you’re working on that much art in between trips.


But that’s not all, oh no, that’s not all.

I’ve also recently been posting on other social media platforms. Yep, I finally got social media and I’ve been using it behind your backs. How dare I.

Not only do I post the inevitable work-in-progress’s, I also post ‘exclusive’ content on all of them so if you want you can follow me on:

Facebook, where I post my thoughts on different mediums and brands, my art in general, and who knows what else (my last post was on this neat pack of blank mixed media cards I got)
Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 10.02.05 PM.png
Instagram, which has extra work in progress photos and a look into my ‘studio’ life (whatever that means)Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 10.07.59 PM
Twitter, where I retweet quotes and posts I like and share little sneak peeks of what I’m thinking and doing, like the live stream I joined today.
Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 10.06.11 PM.png
Google+, which is focused on the behind-the-scenes of my brainstorming progress for my art and youtube channel (or it will be once I start making videos again)
Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 10.07.26 PM.png
And Tumblr, where I post the stuff I’m too embarrassed by to post anywhere else, along with random doodles and sketches and thumbnails.

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 10.05.23 PM.png


All these accounts are fairly new for me and I’ll be developing them more over time and making them more unique to themselves and (hopefully) more engaging.

So hop on, enjoy the ride, and if you have any feedback, I’d appreciate it very much!

Until next time!

P.S. Since I’m fairly new to the social media game if any of you have art accounts on any of these sites, please link them below and I just might follow you 🙂




Art projects · Progress updates · Thoughts & notes

Big things coming up. . .

In Monday’s post, I said that I wanted to do more pieces in graphite this year. Now the next three projects I have planned are graphite pieces (and that’s not including the side projects). That wasn’t what I was planning when I said more, but well, suddenly it is.

And I’m enjoying it.

It feels so strange. I rarely, if ever, do two projects in a row in one medium. Let alone three. I don’t usually like doing it that way.

The Art Lark Banner PR1.jpg
For once in my life, I’m working from left to right in an orderly fashion instead of jumping all over the place

I have my reasons for all the graphite pieces though. It wasn’t an impulsive decision. (An unusual thing in my art.)

And here comes the big announcement:
I’m starting an art channel on Youtube for my upcoming website, The Art Lark, hopefully by the end of January.

Here on my blog, I talk about my art, how I feel about it and what I’m practicing. I very rarely give advice or touch on the ‘how-to’s. I’ve never felt like this was the place for it. I experiment on this blog. I try new things, things I’ve never touched, or I haven’t been doing for long. It feels like learning how to ride a bike.

It doesn’t feel like the place to give advice.

The Art Lark does. (It is its purpose after all.) In it, I’ll be teaching fundamental drawing skills through step-by-step tutorials and articles sharing advice, tips, and tricks from everything from the actual drawing to the obstacles in between. Why am I all of a sudden deciding to do this? Well. . .

For a long time, it’s bothered me– the lack of drawing sites that teach fundamental drawing skills. Especially as a complete newbie with no money to buy art courses, that was frustrating.

Like most artists, I’m my own worse critic. But I know that if there’s one thing in art I know how to do it’s drawing and shading accurately. And I believe the best thing you can do with the knowledge you have– no matter how little– is to share it with others and use it to encourage them. Why would that not apply to me?

So late last year I started it, my website. It’s still not done. Figuring out the layout of everything, writing all the articles (I’m aiming for 30ish before I publish it, 10 for each category), phew, it’s a lot of work. And part of this whole process is incorporating a Youtube channel to complement it all.

Since the rest is taking so long to finish, I decided I might as well start the channel for it now. They say that next to yesterday, today is the best day to start one.

That drawing you saw up there? That’s for the channel banner.

The second graphite drawing will be the profile picture/logo. You’ll see the third (the one drawing that isn’t channel related) next Monday for the weekly drawing hopefully.

Progress updates · Thoughts & notes

Several months later. . .

You thought I was going to leave forever. Well ha, I’m back.

Sorry it took so long to write again.

Short story shorter, I’ve been busy. And not so much with art, which makes it rather hard to find things to post about. But I’m finally back into the swing of things (hopefully) and I’ll start posting art here once a week again.

Starting with this dog I’ve been working on.


Dog PR 1
Graphite with a few pops of color


Art projects · Progress updates

Oil painting progress

As you probably know, the majority of my art making time right now is devoted to oil painting- mostly for my art class. So naturally since I’m spending so much time on them it only makes sense to show you my progress in that area.

But lest you get tired of all the oil paintings, I’ll be showing something in another medium tomorrow even though I usually don’t post Saturdays. But I’ll do it. . . for you. You’re welcome.

But back to the point.

Since you last saw him, I’ve put the first layer of color over my cheetah and around his spots to give the illusion of fur.

Cheetah PR 2

I’m not done with him yet though.

The warm in his fur needs to be a bit more saturated in places and the contrast between the lights and darks needs to be heightened. The most important thing is the face though. I’m pretty happy with the impression of fur I managed to convey and the values aren’t bad, but the face kinda throws the whole thing off for me at the moment.

While I’m working on that, (and the bluejays, still) I’m also working on this oil painting of a still life I set up myself.

Still life PR 1

Most of the time, because of the limited space I have in my room for art- and also because of, well, laziness to be honest- I don’t set up my own still lifes to paint, I use royalty free photos that someone else took as references.

But in an ideal world where I have an actual art studio, enough motivation to set up my own still life, and plenty of interesting objects to paint, I would always do that over using other people’s creativity and effort as a reference. There isn’t anything wrong with using other people’s photos, but it’s a lot more fun to use something you designed yourself and it just feels more original. At least, that’s how I feel about it.

So when my teacher told us that we’d be painting from our own still life, I was very happy to have an excuse to do it. And so now I have this little box sitting on my floor filled with objects I’m painting. Another thing I don’t do much- paint/draw from life. I really need to do that more. . .

Still life set up.png

There’s the box, if you were wondering about the set up.

I cut a hole in the top right to shine a light in at the objects and put orange and blue construction paper on either side to create warm and cool tints on the objects for more interest.

Like my cheetah, I still have quite a bit of work cut out for me with this still life. Right now the roses are the least developed so I’ll be focusing on them mostly, but there’s also a lot of other littler details that need to be sorted out, again mostly with the contrast.

That’s it for the oil paintings for now. Next up, an oil painting of my face. Scary. . .


Art projects · Progress updates

More oil paintings

Like I thought, the journey in oil paint has only just begun for my art class. Just yesterday I started this cheetah and rumor tells me at the end of the year I’ll have to do a self portrait in oil paint. And in between then… well, there’s probably going to be a lot more. I haven’t even finished my blue jays yet.

But that’s not it for oil painting either. I’ve also just started another one. Yeah, I know I just never stop do I.

Unfortunately I can’t really show you it at this point. It’s a secret.

As far as the cheetah. . .

Cheetah PR 1.png

He’s incredibly rough at this point. I’ve only just put in the background and blocked in his dots. Next up is glazing. Plenty of glazing.

I’m excited to see how he turns out, though I’m not sure how well I’ll be able to pull it off.

Wish me luck.


Art projects · Progress updates

Sketches and more sketches

I know, I know, I haven’t really posted every day like I promised. And I don’t reallyy have an excuse for not. . . but hey, at least I did some art right?

Here’s (some of) what I’ve been working on the past few days.

First in line are these practice perspective sketches.


Perspective sketches
If you’re wondering why there’s a straight line floating around each picture, that’s your eyelevel


As you can see, I didn’t really go all out for these things. We’ve already went through perspective in my art class a while ago so I didn’t feel like lingering on it too long.

Moving on we have this very rough sketch of my glasses- for no reason other than they were sitting in front of me.

Glasses sketch

The proportion is a little off in places but it’s pretty good considering I did this sketch entirely with my macron ink pen- no pencil. I must admit, it was a little scary going in.

The last of the sketches I’ll be showing you is this quick figure sketch of a woman.

Figure sketch 1

Lately, I’ve been doing a bit of these figure sketches using this site I found called Line in Action, to practice drawing people. This sketch is one of four I did in the past few days. I took 10 minutes for each.

But I haven’t just been doing quick sketches, I’ve also been making progress on my graphite drawing of a duckling- not to mention my drawing of the week and my monthly drawing challenge.

Duckling PR#2

Graphite work isn’t my favorite thing to do- I prefer working in color so much more, I get bored of black and white too soon- but after so long of ignoring it I’ve begun to realize I actually do enjoy it every now and again. It’s nice not to worry about color for once. All you have to do is worry about value and value placement and you’re good.

And with the addition of a good audiobook or podcast, it’s very relaxing.

Plus, graphite is by far the medium I’ve had the most experience in and it’s the medium I’m most comfortable with.

Progress updates

And then there were more

By my lastest posts, you would think that I have only been working on old projects- like my acrylic paintings, or my lion, or my deer. But you would be wrong.

Never assume I’m only working on old projects, unless you want to be wrong 99.9% of the time. I just can’t focus on doing one- or two, or three, or four, or however many- until I’ve completed it. I get bored if I’m only working on the 1+ things.

I must start new projects. Constantly.


The semi-refined sketch for my newest project

Both an advantage and disadvantage.


So over the course of the last week, I have started not one but three new projects. Well, four would be more accurate, but I’ll only be showing you three today so let’s pretend it’s three.

No, the man on the right does not have a giant boot on, he’s kicking a soccer ball. It’ll make sense when I’m actually done sketching him in. And no there will not be a gaping space of blankness just sitting there.

To be fair, I didn’t start these projects because I wanted to necessarily. It is my homework for art class. Well. . . the first picture was anyway.

We’re learning how to effectively portray motion in art and so our teacher assigned us to draw someone in motion and gave us a selection of sports players to choose from, sketch, and then paint in guess what! Gouache. I’m starting to think it’s his favorite medium.

Anyway, he only assigned us one person but I may or may not have suddenly been hit by a wave of ambition and decided to do two instead- and then a dog. I mean, I know I need to practice portraying movement in my pieces. I purposely avoid it because it’s, well. . . it’s scary for me.


A goofy looking dog and the final sketch for my study of motion- for now.


And what better time to force myself to work on motion then when I have to.


I interrupt all the work in progresses to bring an exciting announcement. Well. . . to me anyway.


I got some art portfolios!

Now I can be semi-organized.

I probably could before but nevermind that.