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2018’s Singular Resolution

As I said last year, I’m not big on New Years Resolutions. You’ve seen the jokes before: New Years Resolutions are practically built to fail and they’re certainly expected to.

But now and again I indulge myself in the endorphin-pumping exercise of creating a bunch of random goals (mostly art related) and you know what, sometimes I’m not half-bad at sticking to them.

Last year for example. I had one resolution: produce one piece of artwork every week of the year. True, I only got 20 weeks in, but that’s if you’re only counting the official ones. I did at least 10 more weeks if you count Inktober and Drawcember and there were a few other drawings here and there. So that’s about 30+ which is over half slightly. I’m totally not bragging, but I think that’s pretty good for a resolution.

Let’s see how far I can go this year. . . Yep, I’m reviving the Weekly Drawing challenge. I need to earn more bragging rights– I mean– get more work done. Yeah.

Once again that’s pretty much my only resolution for this year. My Bucket List, on the other hand, is quite long.

How about you guys, any art resolutions for you this year?

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My Favorite Artwork from 2017

Well, now that’ it’s 2018 I guess it’s time to look back at what I did this year and all that stuff. I must admit, it’s pretty fun to see all the progress I’ve made and things I did. So let’s jump right into it!

I think it’s safe to say 2017 was a year of experimentation. I tried acrylic paints, different kinds of inks, gouache, picked up watercolors (which I hadn’t done in forever), pastels and oil pastels (which I’d hardly tried), colored pencils, and charcoal again. I tried all kinds of new techniques and subjects. I even experimented a bit with a more illustrative style. And the list goes on.

Basically, all of the art in 2017 was in some way new to me, whether it was the medium, the technique, the style, the colors, the composition, you name it.

I also finished a lot more art than I’ve probably ever done in a year, not to mention the unfinished art (there’s sadly a lot of that too). So I feel like I accomplished a lot this year which is a rarity for me. I hope this coming year will be the same. (Except this time hopefully without a random four-month break in the middle.)

Let’s dive into the highlights from the year:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And now for my top 10 (and another since it’s the same image and I couldn’t decide between them.)


Colored pencil


Inktober 10 '17 Elk
Inktober 10 ’17
Inktober 12 '17 Tortoise
Inktober 12 ’17- Ballpoint pen
Inktober 24 '17 tiger
Inktober 24 ’17
Inktober 27 '17 Parrot
Inktober 27 ’17
Inktober 28 '17 Town
Inktober 28 ’17
Drawcember 21 '17 Owl
Drawcember 21 ’17- charcoal

Not a bad year. Not a bad year at all.

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Drawcember Favorites 2017 (and comparisons)

Happy New Years everyone!

It’s been about a year and a month since I started this blog, and since I started it in December, one of the first things you guys got to see from me was all my Drawcember 2016 pieces. As that was the case, it only makes sense to begin the new year by looking back to where it all started.

So let’s compare Drawcember 2016 to 2017, shall we?

First things first, it’s important to note that I gave myself a lot more freedom this Drawcember, both with the paper and mediums. I could basically do anything I wanted and I let myself do it on far higher quality paper. All the same, I think you can see the improvement.

2016                                                     2017

Two flowers done in colored pencils

A quick pastel piece last year vs. a quick one this year

Here’s two where I don’t think you can see much difference

Two quick and simple birds

For fairness sake, I tried to keep the pieces close together in either time spent, intent/technique, and/or medium.

Now, it’s not that I drastically changed over the year– after all, it is only a year– but it’s more progress than I’ve ever seen in such a short time and for me that’s really encouraging. I’ll probably dive deeper into the ways I’ve improved in my next post, but that’s not the point of today’s one.

The point is. . .

My top 5 pieces for this Drawcember (in chronological order):

Drawcember 1 '17 Lemon tree
Drawcember 1 ’17- oil paint
Drawcember 12 '17 Stag
Drawcember 12 ’17- acrylic paint
Drawcember 18 '17
Drawcember 18 ’17- ballpoint pen
Drawcember 21 '17 Owl
Drawcember 21 ’17- charcoal
Drawcember 30 '17 White rose
Drawcember 30 ’17- colored pencil, watercolor

It was tough choosing my favorites for this Drawcember. My favorites don’t necessarily reflect what I think I did the best job on– though that plays a large role– it’s just what I prefer, which makes it a bit harder of a choice for me.

If you missed out on the rest of Drawcember or if you want a refresher, I snuck in a slideshow here just for you:

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It’s been a year!?

Guysss, it’s almost Drawcember! Just one more day. . .

I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I did this last year. I think deciding to do that challenge marked a big step in my artistic journey, simply because it made me get into a habit of regularly doing art, whether I was excited to or not.

But I wasn’t talking about Drawcember in the title. . .

Exactly a year ago today I decided to start this blog. Can you believe it?! I can’t.

Forget Drawcember for helping get into the habit of producing art; this blog is the real deal. Without it, I might not have even done Drawcember to begin with. And almost for sure I wouldn’t be as into art as I am now. (There’s nothing like sticking to something you love to make you love it more I guess. Is that how it works?)

The first artwork I posted: an elephant in colored pencil

One thing you should know about me is that I’m very easily distracted. I like trying new things and coming up with ideas, but I’m horrible at sticking to them. So when I started this blog I didn’t really expect it to go very far. I thought it had the potential to last but I’ve lived with myself long enough to doubt it would live up to that.

But here I am, a year later and I’m still producing art and blog posts regularly (for the most part) and I’m still enjoying it. Who knew I could stay motivated for such a long time?


My last colored pencil piece (with a gouache underpainting)


Okay maybe I took a few months off in the middle, but still. For me, it’s quite an improvement.

Let’s see if I can beat it this year!



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Inktober/Life Update

Hey guys,

So you might have been wondering about the sudden absence of Inktober drawings and my posts in general.

Long story short, life has been rather chaotic since last Sunday. My new little brother was born this Monday three months premature and is in a NICU nine hours away from our house and I am here with him and my mom.

And so, unfortunately, I had to cut my Inktober short.

Good news though, I do have one more Inktober piece for you guys and I will be posting that once I get back home on Wednesday. (And then getting back into a regular schedule for posting hopefully)

Until then.

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Several months later. . .

You thought I was going to leave forever. Well ha, I’m back.

Sorry it took so long to write again.

Short story shorter, I’ve been busy. And not so much with art, which makes it rather hard to find things to post about. But I’m finally back into the swing of things (hopefully) and I’ll start posting art here once a week again.

Starting with this dog I’ve been working on.


Dog PR 1
Graphite with a few pops of color


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Why the silence? you ask

About that. . . don’t worry. I have an explanation. In fact, I have several.

But before I explain my reasons for disappearing off the face of the blogosphere, I have to tell you some bad news. My silence, though broken for now by this post, will not end quite yet since I’m going camping for the next 10 or so days without internet connection or access to art materials except a couple of pencils.

Even worse, I don’t know if I’ll be back immediately after my vacation, which brings me to the first reason for the silence. I lost the cord to my camera. Translation: I can’t import images from my camera to the computer. Translation of the translation: I can’t show you my artwork, which kinda defeats the whole purpose of posting on an art blog.

The second reason is because I’ve been working a lot more and by the time I come home I am too tired to feel any inclination to post. (And of course, I couldn’t even if I wanted to)

The third, and the most exciting reason (not that it’s a feat considering how boring the other reasons are) is that I’m in the process of designing and creating content for a website that’s going to be populated with drawing tutorials and advice. I’m hoping to get it published by the end of July.

More on that later.